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Copyright © 2019 by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

All Rights Reserved

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Beyond Courtship Book One

Have you ever known your life had to change but weren’t sure it could?

Liam and John are both starting law school, and both need big changes in their lives. Liam is a bright young college graduate, and John, eighteen years older, is a burned-out professor pursuing a longtime dream. They are instantly drawn to each other, but can they overcome the challenges posed by the age difference and their previously broken hearts? 

This sizzling hot May-December tale follows Liam and John as they wind their way through joy, missteps, and false assumptions in search of a life together. It is chock-full of flirtation, romance, angst, adventure, and M/M sex. 

Love can’t protect you from a psychopath.

Law students Liam Macadam and John Lawrence are madly in love, and everyone knows it. Granted, John is eighteen years older, but so what? With the end of law school in sight, they’re busy planning a wedding and a life together.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy for them. Somebody is determined to tear them apart, and when the situation spirals out of control, Liam and John have to find a way out before it costs one of them his life.

Legally Bound can be read as a stand-alone novel. It is a sexy May-December romance full of suspense and adventure.

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Beyond Courtship Book Two

Can a chance meeting change your life forever?

Paralegal Matt Kennington has had his heart broken too many times and is considering staying single forever. One morning in December, a handsome stranger sits beside him on the Metro, and Matt starts to think swearing off men might be a little extreme.


Aaron Roth, a first-year associate at a large law firm, has been looking for the right guy, and when he sees Matt on the Metro, he’s immediately interested. Aaron sits down and introduces himself.


Matt and Aaron are instantly smitten, and by the time they get to their stop, they’ve traded numbers along with promises to talk later. Things soon take a crazy turn when Matt realizes Aaron is one of his new bosses. Their firm has a strict policy against romances between employees, and although they try to resist each other, working together all day makes it impossible.


Unfortunately, someone is watching the two men get closer, and as Matt and Aaron’s relationship heats up, so do things at the office. Will they be able to survive their Chrismukkah crisis and find the love both have been searching for?


This full-length holiday book features new adults, a forbidden workplace romance, instalove, sizzling sexy times, and an extraordinarily happy ending.