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About the Authors

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Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood are a dynamic duo crafting contemporary gay romance with heat and heart. Beyond a shared love of travel, Ryan’s devotion to swimming and Josh’s passion for music fuel their creativity. They began writing to celebrate their own romance after getting married in 2017, and their commitment to sharing authentic love stories between queer men has since captured the hearts of readers around the world.


With a writing style that is both sweet and exciting, Ryan and Josh forge unforgettable characters and uplifting, mostly low-angst stories. Readers and listeners love the Bethesda Barracudas Hockey and Mohegan U Hockey series, and the couple’s recent bestsellers, Swimming Against the Tide and My Perfect Screwup, have captivated hearts and minds. The stories are known for their fascinating blend of fiery romance, heartwarming storytelling, and remarkable characters.


Join Ryan and Josh on their journey as they champion love and “happily-ever-afters” for all. Love, passion, and adventure await on every page.

A Few of Our Favorite Places

Some have been featured in our books.

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St. John,

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Stowe, Vermont

Washington, DC

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