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Ice Angels

Love on Ice: Will their secret romance melt the frost or shatter their dreams?

Todd Cleever and Drew Simon are head over skates for each other, but when it comes to taking their love out of the shadows, they’re stuck on the bench. Their love story started three years ago when Cleevs was a rookie defenseman for the Chicago Ice, and Drew, the seasoned captain, was rocking the hockey world. Both were masters at keeping secrets, but it didn't take long for them to drop the puck on a clandestine romance.


A heartbreaking trade sent Cleevs packing to the Bethesda Barracudas a year later, and since then, he and Drew have been playing a game of relationship hide-and-seek. Stolen nights, "just friends" vacations, and enough longing to fill an ice rink have become their norm. After two years of living in different time zones, the ice is getting thin.


As the holiday season approaches, Drew and Cleevs decide it's time for a power play. But going public with their love is a whole new game—one with very high stakes. With their careers on the line, how can they score the ultimate game-winning goal without losing everything they cherish?


Get ready for a face-off with fierce love, a smallish age gap, adrenaline-pumping hockey, and a steely determination to defrost their romance. This book promises enough steam to fog up all your windows and a happily-ever-after more satisfying than a hat trick.

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