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Nice Catching You

Game Changer: Unforgettable Meet-Cute, Explosive Chemistry, and a Heartwarming HEA

Nick Johnson is living a double life—one as the golden boy of college hockey, and the other as a secretly gay man. Tired of hiding in the closet for the sport he loves, he sees no way out.

Jacob Meyer is a law student with a history of disastrous relationships and a no-nonsense attitude toward love. His focus? Graduation and a fresh start.

As usual, fate has its own plans. On a university-sponsored ski trip, Nick and Jacob collide in a twist of destiny neither saw coming. When Nick spills his secret, they agree to keep it friendly, but who are they kidding? The pull between them is stronger than a Zamboni smoothing the ice.

But it isn’t that easy. Nick’s a campus legend, and when word gets out about his unexpected romance with Jacob, all hell breaks loose. The media circus rolls in, university suits scramble for damage control, and Nick’s team faces an internal power play that could set them back for years.

How can Nick and Jacob navigate the storm of intense scrutiny, dizzying plot twists, and meddling reporters without checking out of the game entirely?

Nice Catching You isn’t just another love-on-ice tale; it’s a romance with goals, puck drops, and a big splash of festive magic. With its combination of fiery moments, heart-stopping plays, and a guaranteed happy ending, this book is hotter than a hockey puck in overtime.

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