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No Brief Affair

No Brief Affair Ebook.jpg

It’s worth fighting for the love of a lifetime.


Liam Macadam is a twenty-two-year-old recent college graduate starting law school. He’s a man with a broken heart who is wondering if the best answer might be working 24/7 and having anonymous hookups to keep him sane.

John Lawrence is a forty-year-old former music professor who is attending law school to fulfill a longtime dream. His sixteen-year relationship is over, and John wonders if the opportunity for love has passed him by.

When Liam and John meet on the first day of school, sparks fly and imaginations go wild. They fall in love quickly and realize that they’re meant for each other. Then someone interferes, and things go terribly wrong. Old fears surface, one of the men leaves, and the other goes after him. Will a transatlantic chase be enough to restore their love of a lifetime?

This sizzling hot May-September tale is chock-full of flirtation, romance, angst, and adventure—not to mention plenty of hot sex. The ending is wonderfully happy. This is the first book of the Beyond Courtship series, and there is no cliffhanger.

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