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The Chrismukkah Crisis


Sparks at the Office: Surviving Scandal, Gossip, and a No-Dating Policy.


Paralegal Matt Kennington has mastered the art of having his heart broken and is seriously considering hanging up his dating boots for good. But one fateful December morning on the Metro, a devilishly handsome stranger shakes up Matt’s idea of retiring from love.

Enter Aaron Roth, a first-year hotshot at a big-shot law firm. Spotting Matt as he boards the train ignites Aaron’s interest faster than a spilled cup of scalding coffee. He sits next to Matt and strikes up a conversation. Suddenly, to Matt, the idea of swearing off men seems as extreme as caffeine detox.

Sparks fly, numbers are exchanged, and promises to chat are made before they reach their stop. The only hitch? Matt soon discovers that his Metro mystery man is none other than his new boss. While office romances may be on the naughty list, it turns out resisting the gravitational pull between them is impossible.

As the temperature rises in both the boardroom and the bedroom, Matt and Aaron find themselves at the epicenter of an office scandal. Someone has a front-row seat to their blossoming relationship, and as Matt and Aaron navigate their Chrismukkah crisis, things at the firm get as heated as a yule log.

How can they weather the storm of gossip, office politics, and a strict no-dating policy to find the love they’ve been craving?

This holiday tale isn’t your grandma’s mistletoe mischief. Brace yourself for workplace taboos, whirlwind romance, hot-as-blazes encounters, and an ending so happy it’s practically wrapped in tinsel. Can Matt and Aaron survive the holiday chaos and unwrap the gift of a lifetime? Find out in this full-length holiday extravaganza.

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