Can he ever learn to trust again?


Brandon Weber’s old boyfriend almost beat him to death. Brandon survived, but still bears the emotional scars. Eighteen months later, he has withdrawn into himself, convinced he’ll never be able to trust another man.


Devin Macadam, fresh out of law school, has an exciting new job. He is also on the lookout for just the right guy, someone to take care of and love.


When Devin shows up for the first day of work at his new office, he meets Brandon, a legal assistant there. Sparks fly, but Brandon is paralyzed by fear and isn’t about to give another man the power to hurt him again. Devin, never one to give up easily, doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Both men feel the magic, but can their relationship ever get past the friend zone?


Too Close to the Flame is a dark-to-light, sweet romance featuring out and proud gay men, lots of feels, steamy love scenes, and a wonderful happy ending. The book is approximately 86,000 words and has X-Ray enabled for your reading pleasure.

Amazon Reviewers Have a Lot to Say

"This book brought me right to and through the flame and the burn was beautiful! "
"The story ebbs and flows from page to page, chapter to chapter, never stopping. It's a complete page turner and I hated that life kept interrupting my reading time!"
"I honestly fought 'adulting' so that I could keep reading; it was that good of a page-turner…. I would highly recommend this book and these two outstanding authors!"
"I had to force myself to slow down so that I could savor their beautiful love story. The authors’ writing is so descriptive and detailed that it creates such beautiful imagery of the characters and places in the book"
"The love story was beautiful in and of itself, though, to me it took a backseat to the process of Brandon recovering his confidence and letting go of his fears…. This story was warm, emotional and beautiful."
"This was my first time reading these authors and I have to say that I couldn't stop turning the pages fast enough…. I highly recommend this book."
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